Christmas Haul


My family KILLED IT on Christmas gifts this year. I must talk about myself a lot or something, because everyone knew just what to get me. My cousins bought me this gorgeous coffee table book on Erté and Art Deco. I’ve been speaking french all my life and am taking a class on early 20th century art movements, so this was absolutely perfect. So thoughtful! Plus, it’s full of gorgeous images and is super fun to read through.

My parents got me two books on Richard Prince which I have already been using for my research. I have been renewing them from the library over and over again because, like most art books, they’re super expensive. But now I have my very own copies that I get to keep forever! I have always been a sucker for big beautiful books. I guess that makes me kind of a nerd? Fine with it!

My sister bought me that gorgeous phone case with the swirling abstract pattern. I may have hinted earlier at how much I love Amy Sia’s products available on Society6 and she totally took the bait. It’s so pretty and I absolutely love it. The Holidays are great!

Before anyone calls me a spoiled brat, I am also pretty proud of the presents I gave my friends and loved ones this season. It’s all about showing people how much you love them and spreading the good vibes. I feel incredibly loved today. I hope everyone else out there feels the same.

Artist Obsession: Ellen Gallagher

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Mixed Media

I love that feeling of being completely stopped in my tracks by a work of art, and encountering something with the power to disrupt my life for a minute; to focus my consciousness in a new way. It happens so rarely, but thats what makes it so special. Art is nifty. 

So I saw some of Ellen Gallagher’s art on display at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery at Scripps College this past fall. The exhibit featured a number of contemporary women artists and their work in printmaking. There was an entire wall of Gallagher’s works, all framed in a grid, and it had a pretty profound impact on me. I came back to the exhibit several times just to stare at her prints and am totally kicking myself for not taking any pictures. This image from the MOMA’s website is pretty similar though, so you get the idea.

Anyway,these are really cool. They are bright and color blocked with pinks and yellows on newsprint. She uses a lot of different mediums at once and layers them in a really interesting way. Plus, the political message inherent in her work is really powerful. She uses vintage advertisements for beauty products geared towards black men and women, and subverts them with multimedia collage. I’m so glad I remembered this artist’s name, (not hard considering it’s the same as mine) and that I happened to find some of her work online. Ellen Gallagher’s prints embody all the things I love about art. They are aesthetically beautiful and really intellectually stimulating, without being overly complicated or pretentious. Plus I kind of love anything that appropriates vintage ads…

Ellen Gallagher

Ellen Gallagher

Ellen Gallagher

Ellen Gallagher

So incredible. That is all. Happy Holidays.

Artist Obsession: Sasa Saastamoinen

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Painting

Ink painting is one of those mediums that I have studied endlessly in Art History classes, but that I rarely think about in terms of contemporary art making. Ink has an incredibly rich cultural tradition in Chinese history but it has progressed remarkably little. That is why it is so awesome to see contemporary artists like Sasa Saastamoinen working with ink in a new way, and pushing the boundaries of Chinese painting. Her works clearly reference the classic bird and flower genre but do so with a new eye for texture and brush stroke, exploring how water and pigment mix. These ink paintings explore the limits and possibilities of this classic medium and really expand on what can be done with it. I love this!

Sasa Saastamoinen

Sasa Saastamoinen

The artist is also incredibly eloquent in speaking about her work. Check out her artist statement and website to see more gorgeous works of ink on paper and to read her thoughts on ink painting.

Making Plans


Job Search

I feel like I’m not allowed to call myself an adult until I can stop taking notes like a third grader. These are the notes from a recent session with my college’s CP&R office. I am trying to figure out what I need to do between now and graduation in order to NOT be broke and jobless. Take that, Art History Major! Anyway, I’ve been revamping my resume and stalking people on Linkedin, trying to make a plan for myself. But I’ve also been relaxing and enjoying my break like a normal person, I promise.

I bought this gorgeous printed blue tapestry at a thrift store yesterday and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Christmas is coming up quickly! (I should probably stop shopping for myself and start shopping for everyone else on my list…)

Artist Obsession: Sophie Tajan

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Photography

So this is some of Sophie Tajan’s gorgeous minimalist photography which I have been completely obsessing over. The images are simple yet enchanting and maybe a teensy bit eerie. So pretty. There is an etherial cool-girl aesthetic to every single one of her photographs and the creative continuity is really impressive. For someone like me who tends to be a little bit all over the place creatively, it is really inspiring to see someone like Sophie Tajan whose work is expansive while remaining cohesive. She has an immense body of work and seems to have struck the perfect balance.

Sophie tajan figures  sophie tajan art flowers  sophie tajan water

The still life with the carnations taped to the wall is one of my all time favorite images. So simple and unique, yet somehow mysterious. I am absolutely captivated by that particular composition and really impressed by her body of work.

Check out all of her really cool stuff on Sophie Tajan’s Tumblr page or on her portfolio site. If you’re anything like me, prepare for a major girl crush to develop. She is seriously cool.

Artist Obsession: Alicia Larsson

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Painting

This artist found her way onto my tumblr page (follow me on tumblr!) and I finally got around to checking out her portfolio website. It is incredible! Her use of texture and color is absolutely captivating. I love these complicated and passionate abstracts. Her “small works on paper” are particularly strong. Such incredible texture. Even in a digital image, you can tell how much depth and tactility each work would have in person. I just want to reach out and run my fingers over it. which would probably get me in a lot of trouble… oh well. Maybe I would show some restraint. For the art. These abstracts are both bold and balanced which is incredibly difficult to achieve. Mad respect for miss Alicia Larsson.

Alicia Larsson

"boys and girls" Alicia Larsson

Check out more of Larsson’s art on her website! Fair warning, the site is not in English, so brush up on those Spanish language skills!

“Do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. And trust your instincts … good relationships feel good. They feel right. They don’t hurt. They’re not painful. That’s not just with somebody you want to marry, but it’s with the friends that you choose. It’s with the people you surround yourselves with.” —Michelle Obama

Amen to that. We have to seek out people who make us better, and avoid those that drag us down. My girl Michelle has got my back on this one.


Artist Obsession: Jenny Liz Rome

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists

Jenny Liz Rome Artist

Jenny Liz Rome’s stuff is crazy cool. It is feminine and fun and absolutely lovely. She almost exclusively illustrates women in her work which is cool, and often adds whimsical elements like bees and birdcages. It’s totally random but it works! The illustration with the fishbowl is actually part of a series that she was commissioned to do for Russian Marie Claire. She did one for every star sign for their horoscope feature. I think this one must be Pieces. I am dying to see the rest of them but can’t find the full set anywhere.

She also has a real talent for adding vibrant pops of color to otherwise monochromatic works. This is her War Paint series and I am absolutely obsessed with the colors. So gorgeous! plus, they each have names like Sally and Beatrice which is pretty freaking adorable.

Jenny Liz Rome WarPaint-Beatrice

Jenny Liz Rome WarpaintSally

Jenny Liz Rome WarPaintRamona

Jenny Liz Rome has a beautiful website and portfolio where you can check out more of her girly, fun, and sophisticated illustrations.

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