Artist Obsession: Jenny Liz Rome

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists

Jenny Liz Rome Artist

Jenny Liz Rome’s stuff is crazy cool. It is feminine and fun and absolutely lovely. She almost exclusively illustrates women in her work which is cool, and often adds whimsical elements like bees and birdcages. It’s totally random but it works! The illustration with the fishbowl is actually part of a series that she was commissioned to do for Russian Marie Claire. She did one for every star sign for their horoscope feature. I think this one must be Pieces. I am dying to see the rest of them but can’t find the full set anywhere.

She also has a real talent for adding vibrant pops of color to otherwise monochromatic works. This is her War Paint series and I am absolutely obsessed with the colors. So gorgeous! plus, they each have names like Sally and Beatrice which is pretty freaking adorable.

Jenny Liz Rome WarPaint-Beatrice

Jenny Liz Rome WarpaintSally

Jenny Liz Rome WarPaintRamona

Jenny Liz Rome has a beautiful website and portfolio where you can check out more of her girly, fun, and sophisticated illustrations.

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