Artist Obsession: Sasa Saastamoinen

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Ink painting is one of those mediums that I have studied endlessly in Art History classes, but that I rarely think about in terms of contemporary art making. Ink has an incredibly rich cultural tradition in Chinese history but it has progressed remarkably little. That is why it is so awesome to see contemporary artists like Sasa Saastamoinen working with ink in a new way, and pushing the boundaries of Chinese painting. Her works clearly reference the classic bird and flower genre but do so with a new eye for texture and brush stroke, exploring how water and pigment mix. These ink paintings explore the limits and possibilities of this classic medium and really expand on what can be done with it. I love this!

Sasa Saastamoinen

Sasa Saastamoinen

The artist is also incredibly eloquent in speaking about her work. Check out her artist statement and website to see more gorgeous works of ink on paper and to read her thoughts on ink painting.

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