Artist Obsession: Molly Cranna

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Photography

Perfectionist product photography that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I love Molly Cranna’s work. Particularly, her bright pastel still life shots are so clean and fresh I can barely stand it. They manage to be both super minimalist and professional while maintaining all of their weirdness and whimsy. The corn-dogs on blue tile? So strange. So perfect. She also photographs Twinkies, false eyelashes, dentures, condoms, sandwiches, and anything else you can think of that’s beautifully ordinary. Cranna is one of those contemporary artists who seems to constantly be working which is also pretty cool. Her photos frequently accompany magazine articles and the “Recent News” section of her site is updated frequently with neat new projects.

Molly Cranna Still Life 6

Molly Cranna Still Life 5

Molly Cranna Still Life 4

Molly Cranna Still Life 3

Molly Cranna Still Life corndog

Molly Cranna Still Life 1

I am honestly and truly obsessed with every single one of her product photos. They are so well-executed. Understated cool is a tough aesthetic to pull off and Molly Cranna nails it. Check out more of her stuff. The portraits and beauty shots are equally awesome.

3 thoughts on “Artist Obsession: Molly Cranna

  1. Lovely post. Do you think she’s trying to say something through these photographs, or do you think the composition is mainly for aesthetic reasons? x

    1. Hmmm… that’s a really good question. It seems to me that her still life photographs celebrate the ordinary. Her choice of objects definitely seems to indicate an interest in often-overlooked items like cosmetics and medical supplies. By shifting the context of these objects and making them the primary subjects of her work, she is drawing the viewer’s attention to them and forcing us to regard them in a new way. I probably never would have looked at a box of pills and seen something aesthetically beautiful, but through this still life series, I am able to separate out its function and focus entirely on its beauty. So, in answer to your question: yes. I think her photography is focused almost entirely on aesthetics. And yes, I think that her choices of what photograph carry a clear message about how to find beauty in the ordinary. I hope that’s useful!

      1. I agree with you, and i think that for objects like the pills, she takes something that for people can be ugly (like if you take other pills for instance as well) and makes it beautiful. I suppose sometimes necessity like that (something that you may need for your health) is beautiful. I really like her work and hadn’t come across it until i read your blog post. I like having conversations like this! xxx

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