2017 snapshots

Adventures, Life

MeghanGallagher_ColumbiaConferenceColumbia Women in Business Conference this past spring.CentralPark_NewYorkCentral Park in the evening MeghanGallagher_LazardHeadshotNew headshot from work featuring the view from the top of Rockefeller Center where Lazard’s offices are located.  JPMorganEAW2017New job and a new team at JPMorgan Chase. JPMorganPanelEventParticipating in my first panel event, talking about using data visualizations for more impactful presentations. BlueBottle_MidtownCoffee in midtown. MeghanMGallagher_ArtMuseumMeghan Gallagher at the Whitney Museum in New YorkVisits to the Whitney Museum – always a good time. MeghanInstagramSummer2017Birthday25Plus, I turned twenty five this year!