People often ask me why I chose the combination of Media Studies and Art History, but for me it seems a natural pair. I love learning about people and cultures through the creative content they produce. Nowadays, most of that content just happens to be media-based. My work in visual theory and cultural critique are constantly overlapping and have prepared me well for a career in Social Media and Digital Advertising.  

My senior thesis, completed in fall of 2014 in partial completion of the Scripps College Media Studies Major, updates John Berger’s work of critical visual theory, Ways of Seeing, to accommodate emerging web 2.0 technologies and social media platforms. It analyzes symbols of wealth and status encoded in both 15th century oil paintings and contemporary Instagram posts, attempting to dissect how American celebrity culture complicates methods of self-promotion and upscale emulation.

Media Theory Coursework:

  • Intro to Digital Media Studies
  • History of American Broadcasting
  • Advanced Topics in Media Theory: “Apparatuses of Intimacy”
  • Advanced Topics in Media Theory: “Surveillance and the Media”
  • Czech New Wave in Cinema
  • The Social Life of Media
  • Senior Seminar in Critical Media Theory

Media Production Coursework:

  • Intro to Video Production
  • Intro to Digital Design
  • Advanced Media Production: Independent Study

Art History Coursework:

  • Intro to Art History: Ancient World
  • Advanced Topics in Art History: Midcentury American Art
  • Advanced Topics in Art History: Modernism and Bauhaus
  • Early Renaissance in Italy
  • Arts of China
  • Polarity in Central European Art
  • Advanced Topics in Art History: Art and Time
  • Arts of Japan
  • Senior Seminar in Art History
  • Senior Thesis in Art History (Coming soon!)

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