As a Media Studies Major, a large portion of my coursework was spent deconstructing contemporary advertising content and critiquing its underlying messages. This educational background gave me a huge advantage when I was offered a summer position at Crown Social Agency, a boutique digital advertising and social media marketing agency in my hometown of Seattle. Starting as their intern and then later given the title of Digital Strategist, I was able explore all aspects of the agency and complete some incredibly successful projects.

Crown Social Agency Seattle Projects.jpg

  • I spearheaded a youth market research initiative and multi-channel outreach campaign for the company’s Youth Advisory Board, overseeing the design and distribution of marketing materials and measuring the response.
  • Another large chunk of my responsibility was consistently contributing content to Crown Social’s blog and social channels. I pitched ideas and published content that resulted in a significant increase in engagement on the company Facebook page and website.
  • I also proofread and wrote copy for multiple projects, press releases, and proposals for various clients, pulled social monitoring reports and community analysis, and created engaging social content for fortune 500 companies. Overall, it was an excellent crash course and left me prepared to tackle tons of related projects.

In the spring of my Senior year, I was offered a position as the Digital, Social, and Print Media Assistant in the Scripps College Office of Advancement Communications. The title is a bit of a mouthful, but the opportunity to immerse myself in a single brand identity (especially one as inspiring as Scripps!) was an invaluable experience.  
Scripps More Magazine.jpg

  • I managed website content, updated social media accounts and developed content marketing strategy for the largest fundraising campaign in Scripps’ history, We Want More: The Campaign for Scripps College.
  • I served directly under the Associate Director of Advancement Communications which was awesome. Molly is intensely talented and hyper-organized which fits my style to a T. (We showed up to the first meeting with matching to-do lists!)
  • My responsibilities included proofreading, copyediting, and assisting in layout design for both online and print media.

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