Digital art is something that I do mostly for myself. This is a collection of work I have made for various class assignments, extra curricular projects, and for my own entertainment. They are all completed in Adobe Photoshop with both found and original images. I am majorly obsessed with the late 20th century Appropriation Artists and love to supplement my Art Historical research with more hands-on projects.

Floral Kaleidoscopes: This was the final project for my Intro to Digital Design class and combines some of my favorite things: florals, pastels, and symmetry. I used a scanner to capture two dimensional renderings of plants and then assembled them in grid-like kaleidoscope patterns.FinalFlowers4



Flowers Green

Prufrock Poppycock: I did this just for fun, following a random burst of creative energy. I am loving vintage photos from creative commons archives that I can pair with bright pops of color and texture.Prufrock Poppy

Bikini Blast

Daises: “Daisies” is the English title for Vera Chytilova’s film, “Sedmikrasky,” which is the Czech word for both the flower and for the Seven Deadly Sins. The film follows two girls’ descent into heathenism and exemplifies cinematic patterns of the Czech New Wave. It is also just visually stunning. Seriously, Chytilova is a genius. I used still frames from the film as the base for each of my images. I guess it’s kind of like fan art.Daisies

Daisies Film

Daisies sedmikrasky

Psychedelic Honeymooners: These are my parents! Kind of. Not that you can tell. Lately I’ve been really into abstraction and pattern-making. This is something I made using an old picture of my parents on their honeymoon. I clipped it, tweaked it, layered it, and then added a little something neon just for kicks.Psychadelic Honeymoon

Consensual Hallucination:  This is another class assignment to create images inspired by a science fiction novel. I focused on the cyberpunk attitudes and futuristic drug trips in William Gibson’s novel, “Neuromancer.”Neuromancer3Port



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