We live in a very visual world. Contemporary media is saturated with bright and captivating images, leaving advertisers a lot to compete with. Both the written substance and its presentation must be on point in order to effectively promote a product or event. So while my primary focus is digital strategy and not design, I recognize the importance of creating content that is visually dynamic. 

I was nominated to serve on the Senior Class Gift Committee at Scripps College and have been actively involved in fundraising for a $10,000 scholarship funded entirely by the Class of 2015. In addition to working on a logo and event invitations, I was tasked with creating and distributing a poster. SCG Poster

These are the invitations I designed for our largest SCG event, the 100 Days Party. I used a vintage photo from the Scripps archives, adding minimalist text and design elements. The invites were printed postcard-style on either side of an 8.5X5.5 piece of matte card stock. 100 Days Party Invite 2100 Days Party Invites

I also work part time at the Scripps College Annual Fund as a Phonathon caller and manager. It’s an amazing way for me to network with Scripps alumnae and has given me a lot of insight into the world of fundraising and development. I was tasked with designing a hiring poster that would stand out on the cluttered campus events boards. My first design uses bright primary colors and a graphic Liechtenstein image.

Scripps College Phonathon Poster


This second poster design attempts to get people’s attention by mimicking how parties are advertised on campus. Kind of a fun way to attract social outgoing applicants.

Phonathon Poster

In Spring of 2014 I directed my first full length play through the Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance. It was a quirky sexy show with lots of fast-paced banter and 90’s girl-power feminism. It was a blast to work on and I was immensely satisfied with the final result. We had a packed house for every performance and received an overwhelmingly positive response. I designed the poster for the event, as well as the promotional materials for Facebook and Instagram. Spike Heels Instagram

Spike Heels Facebook

Spike Heels Poster

Spike Heels Cast


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