Writing has always been a huge focus and passion of mine. The ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas is absolutely essential any profession, but especially digital communications and community management. I have experience writing grant applications, project proposals, creative briefs, and press releases. Plus, I have a special love for creating dynamic original content for both personal and professional blogs, and have been published in a number of online platforms. 


The Artifice

In September of 2014, I was accepted as a Junior Contributor and began writing for The Artifice; an online media publication focusing on film, television, and animation. The site boasts over 4 million viewers and serves as both resource and community for those interested in academic analysis of contemporary pop culture.


The Scripps VoiceIn Spring of 2014, I wrote an op-ed that was published in our campus newspaper, The Scripps Voice. I have an extensive background in fundraising for arts and education and am a passionate defendant of that process.


Crown-Social-LogoFor three months in 2013, I worked as an intern and digital strategist at Crown Social Agency in Seattle. While there, I contributed content for a number of client websites and wrote a series of fun posts for the Crown Social Blog. Some of my favorites are:


Some other projects include…


The Last Seattle SummerThe Last Seattle Summer” was a blog I started as a way for me to document my final summer as an undergraduate living in my hometown.


scripps collegeAsk Me Where I’ve Been: Czech Republic” is currently featured on the Off Campus Study page of the Scripps website.


All of this leads me to my current writing endeavor: MEDIA ART ADVENTURE where I feature contemporary women artists and explore all things internet-related.

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