Artist Obsession: Alicia Larsson

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Painting

This artist found her way onto my tumblr page (follow me on tumblr!) and I finally got around to checking out her portfolio website. It is incredible! Her use of texture and color is absolutely captivating. I love these complicated and passionate abstracts. Her “small works on paper” are particularly strong. Such incredible texture. Even in a digital image, you can tell how much depth and tactility each work would have in person. I just want to reach out and run my fingers over it. which would probably get me in a lot of trouble… oh well. Maybe I would show some restraint. For the art. These abstracts are both bold and balanced which is incredibly difficult to achieve. Mad respect for miss Alicia Larsson.

Alicia Larsson

"boys and girls" Alicia Larsson

Check out more of Larsson’s art on her website! Fair warning, the site is not in English, so brush up on those Spanish language skills!