Artist Obsession: Elizabeth Pawle

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Mixed Media

I’ve been taking some extra time lately to explore the various art communities on Instagram. And there are a lot of them. Like tons. Because it’s such a visual platform, Instagram attracts a lot of brilliant and creative people. Not just photographers either, but people who are making art in all sorts of mediums. One of these new discoveries that has me totally inspired is Elizabeth Pawle. She is an illustrator and textile artist who sells her work on Etsy. She is crazy talented and makes these epic wall hangings using burlap and embroidery thread. The series is called Scatterings and features beautifully textured abstract patterns in bright neon colors. She uses yarn and wool and all sorts of other fun odds and ends in order to create something both visually stunning and completely unique. I love these. I think they are so cool. The bright pinks and yellows really pop against the beige background and it all fits together into something completely cohesive.

Pawle Scatterings

Pawle Textile 2

Pawle Textile

Elizabeth Pawle

Check her out on Instagram. Or buy her stuff on Etsy. But as you’d probably expect, the waiting list for one of these bad boys is a mile long, so good luck.

Christmas Haul


My family KILLED IT on Christmas gifts this year. I must talk about myself a lot or something, because everyone knew just what to get me. My cousins bought me this gorgeous coffee table book on Erté and Art Deco. I’ve been speaking french all my life and am taking a class on early 20th century art movements, so this was absolutely perfect. So thoughtful! Plus, it’s full of gorgeous images and is super fun to read through.

My parents got me two books on Richard Prince which I have already been using for my research. I have been renewing them from the library over and over again because, like most art books, they’re super expensive. But now I have my very own copies that I get to keep forever! I have always been a sucker for big beautiful books. I guess that makes me kind of a nerd? Fine with it!

My sister bought me that gorgeous phone case with the swirling abstract pattern. I may have hinted earlier at how much I love Amy Sia’s products available on Society6 and she totally took the bait. It’s so pretty and I absolutely love it. The Holidays are great!

Before anyone calls me a spoiled brat, I am also pretty proud of the presents I gave my friends and loved ones this season. It’s all about showing people how much you love them and spreading the good vibes. I feel incredibly loved today. I hope everyone else out there feels the same.