Artist Obsession: Nicole Crock

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Photography

I’m such a sucker for vintage photos. The mystery and nostalgia totally gets to me. I do, however, think it’s quite difficult to use vintage photos in contemporary art without having the whole piece look dated and frumpy. Nicole Crock’s photo and installation series,Tessellate, updates vintage looks into something completely modern and really captivating. It is very cool.

Tessellate 1

Plus, she describes the whole process and inspiration really eloquently on her site.

Tessellate is an ongoing project that uses vintage photographs of people and their homes found in thrift stores and antique malls. These left-behind images are disconnected from their origins but retain the vague ache of unknowable history as they are transformed into abstract, nostalgic tessellations. With each installment of the project the images and sculptures morph and multiply.

tessellate 4

tessellate 3

tessellate 2I love the 3D installation aspect, but the flat images have a really strong dimensionality as well. They are crisp and clean, without sacrificing depth or meaning. That’s a difficult balance to strike so needless to say, I am impressed. And some of them are available on Etsy! Score! I am moving across the country next month and will be settling into a new apartment (and life) so the themes here of estrangement and home are resonating especially well with me at the moment.

I’ve moved many times in my life, making the idea of home and community very significant to me. Ignited by this interest in location and movement, I tell the stories of place and transformation using found and constructed materials. I examine the elements of home through varied mediums including sculpture, installation, and performance.



Artist Obsession: Lisa Hedge

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Photography

Who said commercial product photography can’t be whimsical and beautiful and fabulous? And all while appearing to be completely effortless. Artist and Art Director Lisa Hedge proves that it can be done. She has an immense body of work and proves that sometimes having assignments with strict parameters can produce the best results. From wedding stationary, to event posters, to product shots, clothing campaigns, and everything in between, Lisa Hedge is a creative genius. (And probably a total perfectionist.)

Who knew I could be so attracted to clear-framed reading glasses? These Warby Parker product photos look like so much fun.







Plus I kind of want to get married just so I can send out these “Save the Dates.” LisaHedge_Card_04_1000Or these…LisaHedge_Green_02_1000


There are so many cool things on her website. Seriously. I am barely scratching the surface with these. Tons of variety but still a really coherent aesthetic. I’m impressed.



Artist Obsession: Janette Beckman

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Photography

I started following the HVW8 Gallery on Instagram recently. Since it’s so close to New Years, they’ve been posting recaps of all their 2014 exhibitions. One in particular really caught my eye and I’ve been stalking Janette Beckman online ever since. Full disclosure, photography is not really my thing and I get bored with it really easily. This is probably a pretty insulting oversimplification to all the fine art photographers out there but I feel like most of it looks the same. If you’ve seen one landscape, you’ve seen them all. That’s why Beckman’s “Rebel Cultures” series is so interesting. She focuses on people.

Specifically, her series features Mexican gangs in East LA, British punk groups, and hip hop crews of New York City. Through her photography, Beckman gives us insight into tight-knit and highly-specialized communities; ones that the general public wouldn’t normally have access to. As a scholar of Media Theory, these countercultures are particularly fascinating in how they oppose mainstream popular culture.  But these photos do more than simply document groups of outsiders. Each photo quite expertly captures the essence and personality of the individual characters involved. And, unlike landscapes, human beings are endlessly interesting to me.

Janette Beckman Rebel Cultures

Janette Beckman

Janette Beckman Photography

She talks about her experiences shooting the series on the HVW8 Gallery website and has a whole bunch of other work featured on her photography site. Also, she makes all of her subjects look completely badass. How do I join a “rebel culture”?

Artist Obsession: Sophie Tajan

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Photography

So this is some of Sophie Tajan’s gorgeous minimalist photography which I have been completely obsessing over. The images are simple yet enchanting and maybe a teensy bit eerie. So pretty. There is an etherial cool-girl aesthetic to every single one of her photographs and the creative continuity is really impressive. For someone like me who tends to be a little bit all over the place creatively, it is really inspiring to see someone like Sophie Tajan whose work is expansive while remaining cohesive. She has an immense body of work and seems to have struck the perfect balance.

Sophie tajan figures  sophie tajan art flowers  sophie tajan water

The still life with the carnations taped to the wall is one of my all time favorite images. So simple and unique, yet somehow mysterious. I am absolutely captivated by that particular composition and really impressed by her body of work.

Check out all of her really cool stuff on Sophie Tajan’s Tumblr page or on her portfolio site. If you’re anything like me, prepare for a major girl crush to develop. She is seriously cool.