Artist Obsession: Sophie Tajan

Artist Obsession, Contemporary Women Artists, Photography

So this is some of Sophie Tajan’s gorgeous minimalist photography which I have been completely obsessing over. The images are simple yet enchanting and maybe a teensy bit eerie. So pretty. There is an etherial cool-girl aesthetic to every single one of her photographs and the creative continuity is really impressive. For someone like me who tends to be a little bit all over the place creatively, it is really inspiring to see someone like Sophie Tajan whose work is expansive while remaining cohesive. She has an immense body of work and seems to have struck the perfect balance.

Sophie tajan figures  sophie tajan art flowers  sophie tajan water

The still life with the carnations taped to the wall is one of my all time favorite images. So simple and unique, yet somehow mysterious. I am absolutely captivated by that particular composition and really impressed by her body of work.

Check out all of her really cool stuff on Sophie Tajan’s Tumblr page or on her portfolio site. If you’re anything like me, prepare for a major girl crush to develop. She is seriously cool.